1.5.72 released 06/12/06 8:35:58 AM

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Valley Technologies - Phoenix Arizona computer network support specialists.

v1.5.73		06/12/06
		Website moved to a new host and updated.

v1.5.73		06/21/05
		Updated Apache, MySQL, PHP4/5, openssl, modssl

v1.5.72		10/06/04
		Patched Apache to work with some third party mods (e.g., 
		mod_dav & frontpage extensions) correctly.  Many version 
		updates in general.  Fixed a bug with the MySQL install 

v1.5.71		08/12/04
		Updated Apache httpd to v1.3.31 as well as mod_ssl.  Many other
		updates, including PHP, MySQL, GD, libcurl, libxml2, libmcrypt,
		libpng, OpenLDAP, and Python.  Fixed the mod_gzip bug.

v1.5.70		05/27/04
		Updates for a number of modules.  Fixed a number of small bugs,
		including the issue with mod_perl.

v1.5.69		11/04/03
		Updates for a number of modules, notably mod_ssl and mod_php.
		Added PHP5 support.  Reorganized ATB menus.  Better support
		for MacOS X w/ fink.

v1.5.68		10/30/03
		Updated Apache, mod_perl, mod_mp3, MySQL, libmcrypt bug,
		mysql ATB script bug - credit to ON jOlt for emailing me
		about the bug. Updated openssl. Added support for CYGWIN
		under NT v5.1.

v1.5.67		08/26/03
		Lots of updates -- notably Apache httpd, PHP, MySQL, 
		and PostgresSQL.  Lots of fixes -- notably mod_jk, mod_dtcl, 
		and mod_roaming, and several others.  Added ability to build
		PHP as a CGI program.  Added mod_cvs, mod_fortress, and suPHP

v1.5.66		05/05/03
		Updated PHP, MySQL, mod_ssl, fixed bug in apache's ipv6
		ATB module. Fixed bug with GD support in php4. imap 
		module bug fix and update.

v1.5.65		04/29/03
		Lots of updates and bug fixes.  Added mod_dos_evasive
		(thanks to Matt Dickinson for the patch) and mod_jk.
		Added a number of new PHP options, including GMP (thanks 
		to Matt again), XML DOM and XSLT (thanks to roadrunner 
		for those patches), binary PDFlib support (thanks to 
		Greg Kopp for the patch), Cyrus IMAP Admin, and PHP's 
		new built-in GD support.

v1.5.64		01/06/03
		Updated mod_ssl, PHP.

v1.5.63		10/07/02
		Updated mod_ssl for apache v1.3.27. Updated libpng. Fixed
		bug with the wrong default version of apache.

v1.5.62		10/04/02
		Updated apache to v1.3.27

v1.5.61		09/17/02
		Updated mod_ssl, MySQL, mod_frontpage with RTR's new patch.

v1.5.60		09/13/02
		Updated php and openssl. Fixed a bug in bin/openssl

v1.5.59		07/22/02
		PDFLib patch sent in by Dominique Massonie. Updated PHP
		to v4.2.2.

		Remote update script changed on the server, it uses
		wget now instead of lynx.

v1.5.58		06/21/02
		Kevin- removed the SGI patch option. Updated snmp.
		Added --enable-inline-optimization, --enable-memory-limit
		to the default PHP configure options.

		Bryan- fixed the default download location for ucd-snmp

                small bug fixes with the following new versions of
                software: mhash, t1libs, mod_watch, python, mod_python,
                libmcrypt, libcurl, and pdflib.

                Updated mod_ssl, libpng, mysql, postgresql, php, pdflib,
                unixodbc, openssl, mod_mp3, mod_layout, mod_perl,
                mcrypt, mod_fastcgi, mod_python, mod_backhand, libcurl,
                python, mhash, freetype2, t1lib, openldap, tcl, and bison.

v1.5.57		06/18/02
		Updated apache to 1.3.26

v1.5.56		04/23/02
		Updated PHP to v4.2.0, and mod_ssl to 2.8.8.

v1.5.55		04/04/02
		Updated to apache v1.3.24.

v1.5.54		02/27/02
		PHP v4.1.2 update.

v1.5.53		02/24/02
		Bugfix with pgsql. Updated mysql.

		Fixed the bug with mod_frontpage and mod_ssl.
		Thanks goes out to Jean-Marc Roth for sending
		in the patch!

v1.5.52		02/05/02
		Openssl bugfix and update.  Added support for
		postgresql, still in beta. updated mod_layout.

v1.5.51		02/04/02
		Updated Apache, mod_ssl, and MySQL to their
		latest versions.  Fixed a bug in mod_frontpage.
		the frontpage binaries ~must~ be copied to
		/usr/local, so you much have root access on the
		system to install them.  There is still a bug
		when you use both mod_frontpage and mod_ssl 
		together.  It's a problem with the patch, not
		the modules.

v1.5.50		01/07/02
		Updated to PHP 4.1.1.

v1.5.49		12/20/01
		SSL support was always built into PHP if openssl
		was detected before, I added the option to install
		openssl if you want ssl support in PHP but openssl
		isn't already installed.  root isn't required.

		libpng bugfix in Solaris. Bugfix in the external
		resource locator. backrev'ed libcurl to 7.9.1
		because .2 is incompatible with FreeBSD. Updated
		mod_layout.  GD section is now more modular and
		streamlined. Bug fix with mod_ssl when openssl
		was installed as a user in an odd location.
		Updated the webdav module to the latest version.
		Updated unixODBC to the lastest version. Updated
		freetype2 to the latest version. Updated libtiff.

v1.5.48		12/14/01
		mod_python update. Added gettext support to PHP4
		as requested. small bugfix with mod_frontpage.

v1.5.47		12/13/01
		Deleted my devel config.cache file from the distro,
		forgot to delete it! Small bug fix with the GD

v1.5.46		12/12/01
		Added patches sent in by Bruno Kerouanton
		. He added support
		for Oracle 8i in PHP. He also fixed a small bug
		in the OpenSSL ATB module.  He also added code
		so root ~can not~ run the remote update (-u) for
		security reasons.  Huge thanks!
		I updated ATB for PHPH 4.1.0 support.

v1.5.45		11/28/01
		Huge changes to the ATB mysql module. combined the
		etc/versions.conf file with the default.conf file.
		Updated the httpd.conf directives for mod_gzip.

		Updated mod_mp3, mysql to their latest stable versions.
		Made a patch for the frontpage 2002 apache patch so
		it'll work with apache v1.3.22. Thanks to hexen for
		pointing me in the right direction! Updated APC to
		the latest version also. fixed a little bug in the
		mod_mp3 ATB module. Changed the way files are
		checked for corruption, now only if the MD5 checksum
		doesn't exist it'll use gunzip -t to test for

v1.5.44		10/29/01
		Updated the version of mysql, fixed the mysql download
		location as well. thanks to Nico Foltinek for sending
		me a nice email about the bugs :) Tru64 should be 
		detected from etc/external.conf as well, untested.

v1.5.43		10/24/01
		small bug with install.sh using the notice() function,
		the bug didn't cause any problems with compiling or 

v1.5.42		10/21/01
		Code cleanup, added comments. help menu temp fix.

		Bug fixes and code cleanup.  wget installation supports
		the global installation path now.

		Added support to hack the reported version, product,
		support site, and vendor name of apache before it's
		compiled.  Anyone wanna run "IIS version 6beta" on
		"Palm OS3"? Screw with netcraft :) mod_ssl finally
		came out for apache v1.3.22. updated ATB for it.
		I'm currently at SANS[.org] in San Diago hacking
		away on ATB from their wireless lan! Excellent.
		Added color support, run ./install.sh -nc or 
		./install.sh --nocolor to disable all color.
v1.5.41		10/12/01
		Added support for CYGWIN under NT5, updated support for 
		Apache v1.3.22. ./install.sh -c no longer deletes the
		config.cache file that saved your preferences.

v1.5.40		09/19/01
		UnixWare now detected. Bug fixes in the php-imap and apc
		ATB modules, thanks goes out to Stephen Lawrence for the

v1.5.39		09/18/01
		Bugfixes with t1libs and logging in the GD module. Added a
		symlink to the freetype2 headers from the GD source, some 
		systems needed it to compile GD.

  --		09/11/01
		My thoughts go out to the innocent people murdered today in
		New York.

v1.5.38		08/22/01
		More bugfixes with PHP+PDFlibs. The PDFlibs require zlib, 
		libjpeg, and libtiff support to be added to PHP or it wont
		work.  Removed the tcp_wrappers support in MySQL, it was
		causing too many problems for Redhat 7.x users.  You can
		manually add it back in by simply editing the bin/mysql ATB

v1.5.37		08/21/01
		Fixed a bug with PHP+bcmath. Updated APC and MING to the latest
		versions. Ming is now compiled into PHP's source instead of
		using the binary shared object via php.ini.  FrontBase SQL
		support added to PHP.  As long as it's installed ATB should
		be able to find it. Look at the bin/php-frontbase source
		for the installation paths that are probed. Added HP-UX to
		the OS detection system. Removed the shared line from PHP+PDF, 
		I also updated libpdf to 4.0.1, consider the ATB module a beta!

v1.5.36		08/20/01
		Bug fixes for bin/gd because of the new $LOCAL_PATH patch sent
		in by John Johnson . Thanks! I took out
		the arial TTF for the freetype PHP code example, I felt it
		was a waste of 200k.

v1.5.35		08/14/01
		Updated mod_layout. Included fixes provided by
		s.cramatte@shanghai.fr for imap. Added a patch provided by
		bonis@bonis.de to change the global installation prefix of
		/usr/local. Updated APC and MySQL.

v1.5.34		07/23/01
		Updated mod_layout, mod_mp3, and the version of curl that comes
		with the script+source tarball.

		Updated LibCurl

v1.5.33		07/11/01
		Updated PHP3 to 3.0.18. this is a stable release with GD 2.0

v1.5.33[beta]	07/09/01
		I'm happy with the new GD setup finally. Fixed an issue with
		the T1 libs and missing LaTeX.  Freetype fonts are now finally
		working in PHP with the GD v2!

		Updated to GD 2.0.1 for truecolor and freetype support. Still
		debugging and playing around.

v1.5.32		06/27/01
		Added support for BCMath functions in PHP. PHP will now automatically
		try to autodetect openssl and configure support for it. Added
		TrueType1 support to GD. updated the -c [--clean] switch to delete
		the installwatch binaries, logs, and config.cache as well. 
		Updated freetype to the latest version.

		Added the following (autodetection) to PHP: Ingres II, InterBase,
		Velocis, and mnGoSearch support. Also added System V semaphore and
		System V shared memory support for PHP.

v1.5.31		06/25/01
		Updated PHP to v4.0.6, updated mod_layout and added a bugfix for it.
		Updated APC, mod_backhand, mod_mp3. Gave the GD section a big make
		over, I've verified that JPG, PNG, WBMP, and ZLIB support work via
		the phpinfo() function. mod_mp3 is still beta, I personally couldn't
		get it to compile myself. I also added a --clean [-c] switch to
		install.sh by request.  This will clean up the src/ directory and
		force ApacheToolbox to recompile everything, but it wont delete
		any of the source'es you've already downloaded.

v1.5.30		06/12/01
		Changed the script interpreter to bash from sh.  Solaris and
		the BSD's where just having too many problems with it and had
		to switch to bash anyways. Updated APC to v1.0.10. This probably
		wont effect 99% of all Linux users, BSD/Solaris users need the bash
		binary in /bin, or just edit install.sh and point it to where ever
		you keep bash (/usr/local/bin ?). `fine / -name bash` should find
		it. Fixed the help (item 99) bug to.

v1.5.29		06/05/01
		Ming support has been added. Disabled IPv6, it isn't updated
		for Apache v1.3.20 yet.

		Little bugfix in the PHP menu, thanks Kevin!  Added cURL support
		to PHP. Updated wget to v1.7. Adding Ming support.

v1.5.28		06/04/01
		Updated mod_mp3 to v0.19, it is still in beta, IMMV. 
		More work on Jakarta.  The new servletapi just doesn't seem to
		want to compile the JavaDoc section, so i just removed it to
		get on with jakarta. Added more doc's to the default httpd.conf
		about mod_jserv.  Time to release it!

		Added full support for Frontpage 2002 extensions.  Apache module
		patch as well as the required binaries at /usr/local/frontpage.
		This means the script+sources tarball just got 10megs larger, damn.
		Updated mysql to 3.23.38. I also changed the apache mirror to one
		that gets updated.

		Updated jakarta-tomcat and jakarta-ant. bux fixes to.  working up
		updating mod_frontpage for FrontPage 2002 support.

		Updated openldap to v2.0.11. Fixed the download path for j2sdk.

		added the WGETOPTIONS in etc/defaults.conf by request. More
		testing, mostly on FreeBSD42. Updated JAXP to v1.1 and
		Jakarta-Ant to v1.3 .

		Finally broke down and went through all my code, line by line
		, and updated the echo statements that weren't working with
		sh in Solaris or BSD.  No more need to change #!/bin/sh to
		#!/bin/bash, or update sh.  It's safe to assume I probably
		missed a couple, so expect more releases with bug fixes.

		Added patches sent in by Kevin J. Menard, Jr. 
		for mod_auth_pam and mod_auth_kerb. I'd also like to thank
		him for all the help he's given others on the support forum!
		Thanks!! Updated mod_layout, it works great once again.

v1.5.27		05/20/01
		Updated apache and mod_ssl. the mod_frontpage hack still works.

		Added the current path and /opt/sfw/bin when searching for
		common programs like lynx and wget. Added $detection=$FALSE
		in etc/defaults.conf so that, by default, the OS isn't detected.
		Changed the php+imap mod to look for SunOS instead of Solaris to
		compile it with the correct type. Playing with apache 1.3.20.

v1.5.26		05/18/01
		Bug fix with the extra INCLUDES introduced in v1.5.25.

v1.5.25		05/17/01
		removed the --enable-assembler switch in mysql.  it was
		causing problems on openbsd. added a search for
		/usr/bin/openssl because the openssl MDK rpm wasn't being
		found. Added support for Apache's layout option. It's in
		the apache submenu.

		Fixed a bug in bin/save-settings. Added a little note and
		example about CPAN when the perl module requirements for
		mod_perl are not ment. Added a note about the required
		frontpage binaries for mod_frontpage. Added some fixes for
		unixODBC when X wasn't on the system.  Removed mod_mp3, 0.16
		(beta) isn't working well at the moment. Fixed a bug with
		freetype and only compiling under linux.

v1.5.24		05/08/01
		Freetype bug with BSD (gmake) fixed. Mod_Layout, mod_ssl, and
		libmcrypt where updated.  Arch detected with 'uname -m' for the
		mysql install instead of `arch` now.  Fixed a bug with disabling
		default apache mods in the menu.  I added the contrib directory 
		to the tarball for the buildrpm program.

v1.5.23		05/01/01
		Huge bug in one of my functions that was cause huge problems.
		Other then the bugfix there was no other changes.

v1.5.22		05/01/01
		Updated PHP to v4.0.5. Also updated the APC source, I really
		wish they put the version number in the tarball like
		everyone else. :) Made a little change to bin/gd, 
		--with-jpeg-dir (in the PHP configuration) now points
		to the jpeg source dir in src/.

		Fixed the bug with the standard apache mods. now if
		they aren't selected they get --disable-mod like they

		fixed a bug with mod_dir in the apache menu, thanks to
		Greg Cope for letting me know and sending in a patch!

v1.5.21		04/11/01
		updated openssl to 0.9.6a. Some bug fixes with the way
		mod_frontpage was setup, thanks goes to al from the support
		forum for pointing it out. I'm actually commenting my code
		now.  I'm going through all existing code and adding comments
		to help encourage patch submission. huge amounts of code
		cleanup, and I'm finding little bugs here and there to.
		nothing too serious.. yet :)

		Added support for mod_mp3.

v1.5.20		04/06/01
		Added support for mod_index_rss, and mod_random. Also added
		support for php+unixODBC by request. fixed a few little bugs
		and typo's. modssl is now downloaded via http instead of ftp.

		added mod_auth_samba support.  it needs pam_smb_auth so I added
		a check for that in to, it'll set it up if you don't have it
		installed. tested on redhat62+debian.

v1.5.19		04/03/01
		Kevin J. Menard, Jr. sent in a new mod_auth_mysql module for
		atb! It works great after a few changes. I'll be adding it to
		1.5.19 for sure.  I prefer to just use php for mysql auth but
		its another module in the list :)

		more updates and testing for the new mysql install. found and
		killed some bugs

		updated mod_ssl to v2.8.2.  huge changes to the mysql install.
		Many thanks to Greg Cope 
		for sending in hacks to add mysql user/group support as well
		as a ton of optimizations for the x86 platform. Still testing
		most of them. updated mysql to v3.23.36 also.

v1.5.18		03/26/01
		added support to automatically detect if openssl is installed
		and then test it for at least v0.9.6 for php.  right now
		it doesn't test for headers and assumes you installed them.
		they're in the -devel rpm packages. if you installed from
		source you don't need to worry about this. Also added support
		for mod_filter.

v1.5.17		03/25/01
		added (-f, --fast) switch to install.sh.  not finished with

		added mod_trigger, and mod_watch. playing with mod_dns.

v1.5.16		03/24/01
		updated mod_gzip and did some work on libmcrypt. Added another
		path to look for postgresql.

		Reenabled mod_frontpage. Aparently the 1.3.17 version works
		ok with apache 1.3.19.

		updated apc source on the site.

v1.5.15		03/12/01
		removed the autodetect for php+snmp, it was causing too many
		problems. I'll redo it later and add it again when i find the 

v1.5.14		03/09/01
		updated installwatch to 0.5.6, added support for mod_backhand.
		Changed the layout of my CHANGE log. Also added another search
		path for php+postgres.

v1.5.13a	03/07/01
		forgot to re-enable mod_perl just like i did with mod_ssl.  I
		need a vacation at this point. I repacked it but I didn't
		change the version number because the freshmeat post hasn't
		even gone through yet.

1.5.13		03/07/01
		forgot to enable mod_ssl in the menu! doh! fixed. 1.5.13
		tested ok with mod_perl, php, and mod_ssl on my test boxes.

		added a bunch of bug fixes sent to me by Bo Adler of

1.5.12		03/01/01
		updated apache to 1.3.19, updated the ipv6 patch. waiting
		for the updated version of mod_frontpage. mod_webdav seems
		to be broken with apache 1.3.19, I'll watch for an update to
		mod_webdav. mod_perl has problems now also, disabled.

02/26/01	Added IPv6 support for apache. added mod_pcgi2 support. small
		bugfix in jakarta ant install (only if j2sdk is already
		installed). renamed mod_php in the php menu, typo.
02/23/01	added a menu for all the modules that come with apache. updated
		the help page for info on them all as well.
02/22/01	installwatch patched for broken redhat7 systems by Ben. little
		bugfix in mod_dtcl. fixes for php with
		gd+zlib+jpeg+png+freetype2. bugfix in mod_ssl if openssl
		isn't already installed. bugfix in mod_python script.
02/21/01	updated version of mod_frontpage
02/20/01	small improvments to mysql install, php, mod_python, and 
		jakarta. gd libs now support libjpeg and freetype2.
02/19/01	mod_python now 100% automated. automatic checks for
		configuration/compilation errors.  tarballs are checked
		for corruption.
02/13/01	updated mysql, wget, libpng and gd libs to the latest versions.
02/12/01	some little bug fixes with using the GD RPM and php's
		--enable-gd-imgstrttf switch.  updated mod_gzip, mod_gzip
		is a very cool mod! fixed a bug with ssl and DSO. fixed
		some syntax bug in bin/mysql. fixed a bug with shared=max
		and enable=so. more intelligent checking for perl modules
		required by mod_perl. updated php+imap to use the
		imap-2000c libs. fixed a bug with mod_perl and ssl.
02/10/01	1.5.0 released.  major bug fixes.  RPM's will be used if
		available for GD, openssl, postgres, mysql.  php will
		automatically configure snmp, ldap, postgres, and mysql if
		the needed libs (from source or rpm's) are installed
02/08/01	updated mod_perl to v1.25. Changed the way APC handles cache
		by default. see the php.ini file for details. added
		mod_frontpage again, now that it's out for apache 1.3.17.
02/07/01	mod_auth_sys bug fix, added "--passive-ftp" to wget.
01/31/01	bug fixes for installwatch
01/30/01	bug fixes. added APC for php caching. updated apache to
		1.3.17 and mod_ssl to 2.8.0
01/27/01	fixed the download paths for mysql (thanks to Thomas Uebermeier)
		and the included the correct mhash lib in the larger tarball.
01/23/01	huge bug fixes, i missed a lot when i changed the structure
		around so much.  also updated mhash and mod_throttle to
		the latest versions. Also added complete support for the
		apache groups Jakarta project. Huge addition.
01/21/01	some small bug fixes and additions contributed by Nick
		Rosenberg, thanks!
01/20/01	completely restructred the script. Added support to create 
		RPM's. I consider it a beta but its working.
01/17/01	better support for mysql install in debian/solaris. Thanks to
		Nick Rosenberg for the code!
01/16/01	added support for PHP v4.0.4pl1
01/09/01	added a switch to compile everything as a DSO
12/21/00	updated php4 to v4.0.4.  Removed the -all switch. php 4.0.4 now
		works with mod_perl. Zend Optimizer temporarily removed
		until a version for php4.0.4 is released.
12/04/00	added mod_allowdev, mod_auth_cookie, mod_auth_cookie_file,
		mod_auth_external, mod_auth_inst, mod_auth_system,
		mod_eaccess, mod_bandwidth, mod_cgisock, mod_urlcount,
		mod_disallow_id, mod_peephole, mod_put, mod_qs2ssi,
		mod_session, mod_cvs, mod_macro, mod_random,
		mod_ip_forwarding, mod_ticket, mod_monitor. Redid the RPM
		check, 10x faster now.
12/02/00	fixed a bug in mod_layout
11/30/00	removed GD and ZLIB rpm's from the list of RPM's to check for.
		with the "--with-gd=/usr/local" switch for php you can
		have the GD/zlib rpm's. also changed the zlib
		configuration for shared lib support. Updated mod_fastcgi
		with a new version. added mod_python support. bug fixes
11/29/00	bug fixes. added support for sh/csh/ksh shells. OS detection.  
		your options are saved in a file and read next time you
		load the script now. tested in freebsd, linux, solaris
		now. yes I know I'm missing #4 in the menu, leaving room
		to grow :) when downloading with wget you can choose "all"
		to just download everything without prompting.
11/26/00	fixed a bug with the mod_jserv install
11/25/00	added 2 mirrors for the script
11/22/00	typo when copying the init script for mysql
11/20/00	fixed a typo with the mod_throttle URL. added support for php
		v3.0.17 as requested. added more logging features. added
11/17/00	added support for mod_layout v2.8.2. added installwatch for
		logging. added support for mod_tcl. removed the mysql
		source tarball.
11/06/00	fixed mod_layout. It was never broken i just wasn't doing it
		right. I forgot to RTFM, doh! Fixed a little bug with
		mod_throttle and mod_bandwidth in the main menu.
11/05/00	added mod_auth_radius and mod_auth_pop3 support. added mhash and
		mcrypt support in PHP. removed mod_layout from the script,
		v2.8 seems to be broken! added mod_frontpage support. made
		the go.sh scripts much better looking.
11/04/00	added a --with-calendar and --enable-track-vars to the default
		php configure.
11/03/00	added support for php+postgres support. better support on 25x80
		displays. added an option to change the default
		installation path for apache.
11/02/00	updated mod_gzip to version
11/01/00	fixed a bug with the mod_roaming install
10/30/00 	updated mod_gzip to version, supposed to support php
		compression now.
10/29/00 	Added mod_perl support. Added mod_auth_ldap support. added
		openldap for mod_auth_ldap. 
10/27/00 	less the 24 hours sense i posted this on freshmeat.net and I've
		gotten over 1000 downloads. added support for mod_roaming.
		testing mod_auth_sys. major graphical changes. added a
		mirror site for downloads at www.awpti.org/~io/ added the
		"-all" switch to turn everything on and a catch for all
		other switches to point to a syntax help menu. added
		mod_accessref support added more intelligent checking for
		IPX support for the mod_auth_nds module. added
		mod_auth_sys support. added mod_bandwidth support.
10/26/00	playing with mod_authnds support, added mod_gzip support, bug
		fixes. added mod_dynavhost support. added a check to make
		sure PHP compiled properly. added a description menu with
		URLs. added a function to check for existing MySQL installs.
10/25/00	Added the menu, big reorganization!
10/24/00	Added support for ZendOptimizer for PHP4.0.3pl1.
10/23/00	Updated to support apache 1.3.14 and openssl 0.9.6, and mod_ssl
		2.7.1. Minor bug fixes.